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What To Expect When Installing Solar

As the Vice President of Operations here at Harvest Energy Solutions I am responsible for the system design, product identification, purchasing and construction of the solar arrays. Here at Harvest Energy Solutions we have in-house designers, engineers, installers, licensed electrician and solar[...]

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What’s Up With These Solar Farm Leases?

First off, I want you to know who I am. My name is Mark Olinyk. I am a past farmer. I live on a farm. I am an owner of Harvest Energy Solutions. And Harvest is leasing a few pieces of land with intentions of installing solar arrays on them. Ironically, I too have been approached by an out of[...]

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The Solar Investment Tax Credit Explained

One of the most important federal policy mechanisms driving the success of the solar industry is the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC).  Simply put – if you pay income tax, you qualify for this tax incentive.  The ITC is a 30% tax credit for solar systems on residential and commercial[...]

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