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Illinois Renewable Energy Credits

In 2017, the state of Illinois passed the Future Energy Jobs Act, which called for a significant increase in new solar energy development. This program will offer payments to qualifying projects for the RECs that the system produces over a 15-year contract. The end goal of the program is to[...]

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Net Metering in Michigan

Net metering allows residential and commercial energy customers who generate their own electricity from solar power system to feed excess electricity they do not use back into the power grid. Essentially, net metering in Michigan is when the excess energy produced by a solar energy customer’s[...]

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Agricultural & Commercial Solar Benefits

When considering ways to help reduce operating expenses for your business, a solar investment should be at the top of your list. Harvest Energy Solutions can help design a system specific to your application requests, to overcome an array of challenges and help you be on your way to energy[...]

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Selecting the Best Solar Bid

As the solar power industry in Illinois has significantly expanded in the last 8 months, there are many things to be cautious of as you do your due diligence in comparing bids and selecting the best provider for your needs. Many concerns can be eased by just asking the right questions and[...]

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Types of Batteries

In a previous blog post, we introduced how batteries can supplement solar and wind energy to provide power even when the sun isn’t shining, or the wind isn’t blowing. There are several types of batteries available; in this blog, we will delve into some of the different options for both[...]

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Solar Energy Policy - Indiana

In 2017, the state of Indiana changed their solar energy policy for the Investor-Owned Utilities in the state, IP&L, Indiana-Michigan, NIPSCO, and SIG&E.  The current policy limits the size of the system you can install to 1 MW (1,000 kW) or large enough to meet your annual electric needs,[...]

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Solar Energy Policy - Illinois

Illinois has become a hotbed for solar energy in the last couple of years for two main reasons: their net metering policies, and SRECs.

The state of Illinois has a renewable energy policy that legislates the policies for the state’s Investor-Owned Utilities, Ameren, MidAmerican, and ComEd. [...]

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The Second Best Thing About Solar

The second-best thing about solar is the maintenance…there is none. I have the responsibility of filling out a number of our customer’s Project Performance Reports (the end of the year reporting that goes along with obtaining a REAP Grant). This paperwork consists of information fields aimed to[...]

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Why Quality Matters

When making the choice to go solar the most common questions are how much, who to hire and what product to buy. So, let’s answer a question with a question. What is most important to you, the home owner? Aesthetics? Overall value? Peace of mind? Price?

In offering SunPower products Harvest[...]

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